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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in North Tamarind West Palm Beach

Our Private Alcohol and Drug Rehab in North Tamarind is Palm Beach County’s Treatment Center of Choice to Get Help for Addiction.

North Tamarind Florida Alcohol & Drug Rehab

It is important to find a reputable accredited addiction treatment center in North Tamarind West Palm Beach if you are in the area and looking for help with drugs and alcohol.

The AHRQ, an agency that conducts reviews of healthcare providers, has released research on the efficacy of drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, revealing that the most effective drug rehab programs include education, counseling, treatment, and relapse prevention approaches.

Therapists in inpatient addiction programs also deliver superior services than physicians who provide outpatient substance abuse treatment, according to the research. This is one of the reasons why inpatient drug and alcohol treatment facilities have grown in popularity over time. Our treatment programs are based on evidence-based approaches that have been shown to be helpful in the treatment of mental health and drug abuse issues.

1 Solution Detox’s alcohol and drug rehab programs serving North Tamarind West Palm Beach address drug abuse through several clinical phases: detoxification, residential treatment, and aftercare (which can include partial hospitalization programs [PHP] or intensive outpatient programs [IOP].)

North Tamarind Drug and Alcohol Detox

1 Solution Detox delivers best-in-class addiction medicine to help those who are suffering from hazardous and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. We have a treatment plan that will work for you regardless of your substance of choice.

Each drug has its own set of detoxification procedures. For many substances, the most effective detox is to taper comparable medicines with a lower addiction threshold. This helps to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms that come with as a result of ceasing a drug to which a patient is dependent. 

Simultaneously time, our doctors will prescribe “comfort medications” to aid in the recuperation process. Our medical staff monitors patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that nobody ever feels alone during this difficult time.

We understand that detox may be emotionally and physically draining, so we allow patients to proceed at their own speed. Comfort and relaxation are advised here until the body has healed. We start treating the underlying mental health concerns after detox. Traditional one-on-one and group therapy are employed, as well as holistic therapeutic techniques such as yoga and acupuncture.

North Tamarind Residential Addiction Treatment Program

We begin addressing the underlying psychological components that make quitting drinking and taking drugs difficult at the residential level of therapy. We provide a variety of therapies at our North Tamarind West Palm Beach recovery facility that address addiction as well as trauma, anxiety, depression, and other co-occurring disorders. We think that drug and alcohol misuse is a sign of a larger problem, thus we treat the patient as a whole.

We encourage our patients to participate in recovery groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, but we do not force them to do so. Each patient’s journey to recovery is different, and we’re here to help them along the way. We follow up with our patients after they leave our treatment centers since relapse temptation is omnipresent. Although rehab centers only last 30-90 days, we provide our patients with long-term assistance for the rest of their lives.

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What Our Patients Say

"Amazing center & even more amazing people. Huge thank you to the entire team at 1SD for all that you at this incredible place. Would recommend to anyone with no hesitation."
5 Star Treatment Center

Alcohol & Drug Rehab is Covered By Insurance

Insurance can cover up to 100% of the cost of a drug and alcohol rehab stay. We accept most private health insurance plans. Contact us for a free insurance verification.

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We Accept Most Insurance.

North Tamarind Addiction Treatment Center

The stakes are enormous when it comes to addiction. As a result, the therapy must be successful. It’s tough to tell what elements truly play a role in effective recovery when comparing rehabs. Patient care is at the heart of all we do at our addiction treatment center in North Tamarind, West Palm Beach.

Each patient’s treatment experience, we think, should be as unique as their needs. Every luxury we provide at our North Tamarind rehab center is intended to provide patients with a relaxing atmosphere in which to heal and flourish.

We understand that addiction has consequences beyond the addict. Family members and loved ones are frequently traumatized, and they, too, need to heal. As a result, our services are not restricted to individuals enrolled in our treatment program.

We make ourselves available to friends and family members to offer compassion and support so that our patients may return to a healthy environment outside of the facility. Not only does this improve our patients’ chances of success, but it also improves the family’s quality of life.

Today, it is hard to find anyone who can say that their life hasn’t been impacted in some way by alcoholism and drug addiction. Our staff members reflect this truth. Every member of our team is honored to have the privilege of aiding someone’s recovery. Because most have either been in the shoes of the patient or their family, they care deeply about providing effective drug and alcohol treatment.

Addiction is a matter of life and death – and that urgency is reflected in the way we treat our patients at our North Tamarind West Palm Beach treatment center.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab

The cost of rehab depends on the program and your insurance provider. In some cases, addiction treatment is entirely covered by health insurance. To get a better idea of the out-of-pocket cost of treatment at 1 Solution Detox, give us a call or visit our verify your insurance page.

For the most part, what makes a drug and alcohol rehab “good” is that it is a good fit for your individual needs. However, you should always make sure that the rehab you choose is properly accredited. 1 Solution Detox is accredited by the Joint Commission – this is the gold standard of accreditation for addiction treatment providers.

If you have the financial means to attend a private treatment center, you should always go that route. The reason is that you receive more focused care due to lower patient census. Additionally, because private programs are voluntary, the population of patients you will interact with are motivated to recover. This can make a big difference on your experience in rehab.

The level of care you choose should be whatever is recommended by professional clinicians. When you call 1 Solution Detox, we will perform an assessment on the phone which will be reviewed by our medical and clinical team. Based on your substance use and mental health history, they will recommend a level of care that will best meet your needs.

Yes, tons of research definitively concludes that rehab is effective. That being said, it’s worth noting that this question is a little deeper than it looks. First of all, whether or not rehab works depends on your definition of success. If a patient goes to rehab and then stays sober for 15 years before relapsing, was that treatment successful? That is for you to decide. However, scientific evidence supports that rehab is effective in producing long-term sobriety as well as reducing the occurrence and severity of relapse in the patients who do not stay entirely abstinent.

A patient’s length of stay is dependent on their needs and their progress during treatment. At 1 Solution Detox, we will work with you to provide an individualized treatment plan that will work for you and get you home as soon as you are ready.

Getting Into Rehab in North Tamarind West Palm Beach

Giving us a call is the initial step toward getting into drug or alcohol treatment. Our admissions staff is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer you any assistance or resources you may require in order to receive the best addiction treatment in North Tamarind West Palm Beach. Willingness is not a need for enlisting the assistance of a loved one. Our admissions counselors are experts in addiction and can assist you in getting your loved one to talk about their problems.

Once our admissions team has an idea of what is going on and who is involved, they will collect your health insurance information. Verification specialists will then handle any pre-authorizations that may be necessary and explain to you what your patient’s financial responsibility may be. Then our admissions counselors will complete an assessment of the individual who is looking for help with addiction over the phone. This assessment allows our clinicians to make an informed recommendation on a care plan that will meet your needs.

Once you are financially and clinically approved for our drug and alcohol rehab center in North Tamarind West Palm Beach, our team will help you to schedule your admission and work out any potential hurdles like speaking to your employer or family. If you are ready to change your life for the better, give us a call today to learn more about why we are a trusted addiction treatment center in North Tamarind.