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Detox and Residential Treatment Programs in
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Our medical team offers individualized treatment programs to ensure the highest level of patient care. 


Our team is here to make your path to recovery as easy as possible.

1 Solution Detox is a luxury, boutique-style medical drug and alcohol detox center. We believe in individualized care and comfort.

In most cases, a patient’s medical assessment suggests that detoxification (detox) is necessary. Medical detox is the process of ridding the body of drugs or alcohol while managing symptoms and stabilizing a patient’s overall health. It may sound scary; however, in reality, its purpose is to help the patient remain comfortable throughout the withdrawal process.

The medical staff evaluates the patients’ levels of withdrawal, physical and emotional health daily. The nursing staff monitors patients and will administer the appropriate withdrawal medications as necessary. The medical team will determine when a patient is ready to progress to the next level of care and prescribe the medicines.

Detox is not an acute care facility but can arrange transfers from hospitals or other healthcare facilities once individuals become stabilized. When appropriate, we will work closely with patients and their loved ones to make such arrangements. Our team can help in assisting and recommending patients throughout their entire recovery program.

Separate detoxification programs are necessary when it comes to substance abuse, and 1 Solution Detox stands by individualized medical plans on all substances, including:

Alcohol Detox Program

A medically supervised period of alcohol & benzodiazepine withdrawal is usually necessary for the individual suffering from usual symptoms. Medical management of alcohol withdrawal for people who are alcohol dependent can be life-saving. Cessation is not only painful, but it can be fatal. During the detox period, a doctor will prescribe medications to control or alleviate symptoms. Health professionals monitor the individual to ensure his or her safety. Symptoms of withdrawal include Sweats, nausea, vomiting, tremors, anxiety, agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, and seizures. Symptoms will vary and may range from mild to severe. Detoxification can last from a couple of days to more than a week and tends to be medically necessary.

Opiates | Pain Killers | Heroin | Opioids - Detox Program

Opioid abusers are often incredibly frightened of detoxification symptoms. This fear is especially present with those whose drug of choice includes Vicodin, OxyContin, Dilaudid, and Heroin. It is pretty standard that you had a legitimate medical need to be on them when you were initially prescribed such medications. These medications are very addictive. Even those who had intentions of abuse will often find themselves where the remediation of pain is much less critical to the user than the euphoria provided by such pills. If you fall in this category of having legitimate, chronic pain, your use of pain medication has gotten out of hand. Please know that we will work with your physician to do all we can to control your pain and address your issues with addiction. We want you to be healthy, and we do not want you to suffer from pain. We would ask that you be willing to consider that if you do not seek help now for your pill-based opiate addiction, you could eventually and unintentionally find yourself in the grips of heroin addiction as well.

Meth (Methamphetamine Abuse) - Detox Program

Methamphetamines are exceptionally dangerous. Methamphetamines produce a feeling of euphoria, power, and invincibility. One of the most problematic issues with meth is that, unlike cocaine, which requires an exotic plant indigenous to South America to make it, meth only requires a handful of chemicals that any pedestrian can readily locate. As a result, methamphetamine has become quite widely available and relatively cheap.

Cocaine - Detox Program

Cocaine is highly addictive and poses a very high overdose risk. In general, it takes a tremendous toll on your central nervous system, most notably your heart. While amid a cocaine binge, if you were to take your blood pressure, it would be substantially elevated in a troubling area right beneath that of a person experiencing a stroke. Long-term cocaine users can shorten their total length of life by a staggering 10+ years.

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