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Palm Beach Recovery Center

When it comes to addiction, the stakes are high. So, treatment must be effective. When comparing rehabs, it can be difficult to know what factors actually play a role in successful recovery. Our Palm Beach recovery center puts patient care at the center of everything we do.

We believe that each patient’s treatment center experience should be as unique as their needs. Every amenity we offer at our South Florida treatment center is designed to give patients a comfortable environment in which they can heal and grow.

We recognize that addiction can affect more than just the patient. Family members and loved ones are often hurt, and they too require healing. For this reason, our services are not limited to the patients who check into our recovery center.

We make ourselves available to provide compassion and assistance to friends and family members so that our patients return to a healthy environment outside the treatment facility. Not only does this give our patients a better chance for success, but it elevates the quality of life for the entire family.

Today, it is hard to find anyone who can say that their life hasn’t been impacted in some way by alcoholism and addiction. Our staff members reflect this truth. Every member of our team is honored to have the privilege of aiding someone’s recovery. Because most have either been in the shoes of the patient or their family, they care deeply about providing effective drug and alcohol treatment.

Addiction is a matter of life and death – and that urgency is reflected in the way we treat our patients at our Palm Beach recovery center.

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West Palm Beach Location:

1 Solution Detox

Address: 2901 Broadway Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Hours: Open 24/7

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Email: info@1solutiondetox.com

Rehab is Covered By Insurance

Insurance can cover up to 100% of treatment center costs. We accept most health insurance plans. Contact us for a free insurance verification.

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We Accept Most Insurance.

Rehab South Florida

South Florida is known as a vacation destination for its sandy white beaches and warm weather. But it is also known for its vibrant recovery scene and bountiful rehab treatment centers. The sunshine and ocean breeze can be vastly therapeutic for addicts and alcoholics who isolate themselves from the world to chase their fix.

And with many patients continuing their care from local sober living communities, there is a massive fellowship of people in recovery. These factors combine to make South Florida a great place for drug rehabs.

1 Solution Detox’s South Florida rehab is known for its commitment to patient success. We measure our success by the health, sobriety, and wellness of our alumni. Many of our patients who stick around South Florida or come back to visit return to thank us for the transformation they have seen in their lives. These patients inspire us to continue to go the extra mile.

If you are looking for rehab in South Florida, you could be our next inspiration.

What Our Patients Say
"This place saved my life it is absolutely the very best detox center the staff are like family and they actually do care it's not just about a paycheck to them they help you find the best treatment center to fit your needs and they help you figure out the root to your addiction instead of just taking your money and passing you off to the next I would recommend 1 solution to any and everybody I know that needs help!!! Special shout out to Gerard, Mike, Meranda and Ms. Hope!!! I've never had faith in recovery untill now.... Thank you 1 Solution"
Lindsay M

Alcohol Rehab in West Palm Beach FL

Our alcohol rehab in West Palm Beach Florida offers high-quality addiction programs to help people recover from the detrimental physical and mental effects of alcohol addiction. We tailor custom treatment plans to meet your needs. Our patients range from alcoholics who have been drinking for decades to people who have just begun to notice a developing alcohol use disorder. For heavier drinkers, rehab starts in detox.

To avoid severe withdrawal symptoms, alcohol detox includes a taper of anti-seizure medication. At the same time, our doctors will prescribe pain relievers to help with the transition to recovery. Our health care specialists keep a careful eye on patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that no one feels alone during this trying time.

Following detox, we begin treating the underlying psychological components that make it hard to stop drinking. At our West Palm Beach alcohol rehab, we offer a range of therapies that address addiction as well as trauma, anxiety, depression, and other co-occurring disorders. We believe that problem drinking is a symptom of a broader condition, so we aim to treat the whole patient.  

We encourage but do not force our patients to engage in recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Each patient’s road to recovery is unique, and we are here to support them. Alcohol is everywhere, so we follow up with our patients when they leave West Palm Beach to head home. Rehab centers may only last 30-90 days, but our long term support for our patients lasts their lifetime.

Drug Treatment Center West Palm Beach

If you’re looking for a high-quality drug treatment center in West Palm Beach, look no further. The recovery rate of our patients is our top priority, and we keep it high by providing a comfortable environment for healing. We provide an in-depth strategy to overcoming your drug addiction or substance abuse difficulties through evidence-based treatment programs.

Patients who require detox will receive top-notch medical treatment to keep them comfortable and safe. Regardless of your background or history, our therapists will treat you with love and respect. Our welcoming community environment will allow you to bond with other patients who share your struggles and work through them together in group therapy. If your drug use has left you feeling alone, you belong at our drug treatment center in West Palm Beach.

And, throughout your entire stay, you will benefit from the luxury amenities we offer. Memory foam mattresses, private entertainment set ups, and catered meals will allow you to focus on your addiction treatment so you return to your life healthy and refreshed. For comprehensive treatment options in Palm Beach County, call our admissions team at (888) 410-1004.