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How Do I Get Into Treatment?

Getting into treatment for drug or alcohol addiction can be an intimidating process. The most difficult part, however, is making the commitment to yourself to check into rehab and reclaim your life. Once you’ve decided that you are ready to get help, 1 Solution Detox makes the rest of the process very easy. 

If you are trying to get a loved one help, willingness is not a prerequisite. Our admissions counselors have intimate knowledge about addiction and can help you get your loved one to open up about their struggles. After speaking with someone who has been in their shoes, many people struggling with addiction become much more open-minded about getting help. The firs step is just to make the call. 

woman considering how to get into rehab for addiction

Step 1: Make The Call

When you call 1 Solution Detox, our team of admissions counselors will happily answer any questions you may have about our programs or facility. They will coordinate with whoever else is involved in the decision making process to put together a plan that will make admission simple.

Step 2: Verify Your Insurance

Once our admissions team has an idea of what is going on and who is involved, they will collect your health insurance information. Verification specialists will then handle any pre-authorizations that may be necessary and explain to you what your patient financial responsibility may be. In some cases, insurance can cover 100% of the cost of treatment. Our team will take the time to break down what services your insurance covers and what plan makes the most sense for you and your family financially.

Step 3: Complete a Pre-Admission Assessment

Over the phone, our admissions counselor will complete an assessment of the individual who is looking to admit to treatment. The assessment covers their substance use patterns, as well as important medical information and psychological history. This assessment allows our clinicians to make an informed recommendation on a care plan that will meet your needs.

Step 4: Schedule Your Admission

Once we have verified your insurance, completed a pre-admission assessment, and come up with an effective treatment plan, our admissions counselors will schedule you for admission. They will walk you through important details like how to deal with your employer, how to schedule your travel, what to expect in treatment, and what you should pack. By the time you have scheduled your admission, all that will be left to do is show up and get better!