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What to Expect in Treatment

At 1 Solution Detox, our mission is to provide quality, evidence-based treatment that leads to long-term recovery for each client that walks through our doors. We believe proper comfort and care can be the stepping stones to long-term recovery.

What Can You Expect?

1 Solution Detox has been erected as the primary launch pad for individuals seeking an initial physical cessation from chemical dependence. All clients will be medically assessed and Toxicology Profiles will be garnered allowing our clinical staff to effectively manage the physical symptoms of withdrawal. All women will be subject to an initial pregnancy screening. Both genders will undergo CMP, CBC, Hepatitis panel, and HIV testing.

A continuous emotional and mental welfare assessment will allow us to understand any further Diagnoses and make recommendations for treatment beyond chemical dependence. Each client is given a safe, comfortable, hygienic, and highly experienced staff. Individuals will receive the utmost level of respect and attention to their specific needs. We will provide nourishing food and accommodate special dietary plans. Healing massages, vitamin regimens, acupuncture, and yoga will be offered. Recovery meetings will be facilitated by outside members, allowing clients the opportunity to become aware and comfortable with a 12 Step Fellowship Groups will be facilitated by our licensed clinical staff that will showcase support and joint experience. Clinical activities will bring the individuals hope and direction. Each client will have access to recreational games and activities including movies, video games, ping-pong, baggo, and more.

Under the care of a licensed therapist, each client will have monitored access to family correspondence and support. Those who are under extreme physical distress will be closely monitored and allowed to remain in their personal living quarters. Through individualized care we will provide a plan of action for every patient post detoxification.

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