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What is Detox?

A patient’s medical assessment suggests that detoxification (detox) is necessary.
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In some cases, a patient’s medical assessment suggests that detoxification (detox) is necessary. Medical detox is the process of ridding the body of drugs or alcohol while managing symptoms and stabilizing a patient’s overall health. It may sound scary; however, in reality, its purpose is to help the patient remain comfortable throughout the withdrawal process.

The medical staff’s levels of withdrawal, physical and emotional health will be evaluated daily. Nursing staff will monitor patients and will administer the appropriate withdrawal medications. The medical team will determine when a patient is ready to progress to the next level of care and prescribe them the proper medications necessary along the way.

Detox is not an acute care facility but can arrange transfers from hospitals or other healthcare facilities once individuals have been stabilized. When appropriate, we will work closely with patients and their loved ones to make such arrangements.

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